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1st China Youth Lacquer Painting Contest to be held in Beilun Ningbo
Updated:2017-04-11 15:32:05

To promote the development of the youth lacquer painting art, and facilitate the composition, display and communications of the young lacquer painting artists, The China Artists Association will host the first China (Beilun, Ningbo) Youth Lacquer Painting Contest. The works collection activity has been launched recently. There is no limitation on the theme, style and form of the works, and the deadline of the works collection period is June 20. A total of 220 pieces of works will be displayed at Ningbo Art Gallery from August 4 to 27. Then, a related academic seminar will be held and a collection of the works will be published. The artists of the top 50 works will be awarded with an application qualification for joining in the China Artists Association.
Souece from Ningbo Gov Website


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