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Ningbo Hot Pot-La Fu
If you love spicy food then La Fu is for you. There are two La Fu Restaurants in Hangzhou, one is in Queen Park and the other is in Hefang Street. The fresh spicy fish slices, shrimp paste, beef tripe and duck intestines, as well as the intriguing chopstick...
Ningbo Hot Pot-Sichuan Xiang Tian Xia
This restaurant offers the famous Sichuan hot pot. It is highly recommended that you try their two-flavor soup base (Mandarin Duck Pot) which is tasty even without any seasoning. Whilst its name suggests otherwise the Mandarin Duck Pot does not, in fact, co...
Ningbo Hot Pot-Chao Niu Hai Ji
This hot pot restaurant, always crowded, is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. It is highly recommended that you try their handmade meatballs which are the size of a table tennis ball but don’t fret as the only direction they will be bouncing i...
Where to Go Near Ningbo-Autumn House
Edward, the owner of Autumn House, lived in Hong Kong for many years and has brought with him, in Autumn House, a simple but elegant Hong Kong style tea house. The decoration of Hong Kong street scenery on the entrance of the house brings the unique ambianc...
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