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Hangzhou Bay Happy Live Park (Water Park) opens
On June 17, Hangzhou Bay Happy Live Park (Water Park) opened. It is designed as a pirate-themed amusement park with mermaids and pirates all over the park.   Though it was hot that day, visitors were all in an excited mood to play with mermaids and pirate...
The 6th Ningbo Photography Festival opens in Aug
The 6th Ningbo Photography Festival will be held on August 25 with a theme of “City · Encounter”.   The last 5 festivals have already attracted over 400,000 audience and this year more activities will be held in addition to the top-class photography ex...
Camping Spot Near Ningbo-Chongniao Island in Shengsi County
Chongniao (Flowers and birds) Island, located at the northern end of Shengsi Islands, has a small area where lush vegetation and clouds exist in abundance. From a distance, it seems like fairyland and when night falls, a bright white light beams from the li...
Camping Spot Near Ningbo-Kuocang Mountain in Taizhou City
Kuocang Mountain is full of steep hills that shine brightly in daylight and glisten with stars at night. The scenery here is changeable not only in a day but also in a year of four seasons. The 28-kilometer winding mountain road is so steep that it can lead...
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