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Weekend Fun Near Ningbo-Lakeside Park
Updated:2017-04-14 14:42:56

There are very few architectural complexes in the north of Lakeside Park until you reach the No.6 Park where the famous Hu Pan Ju Teahouse is nestled. There is also a Jiuzhi Villa, an outdoor tea house of Hu Pan Ju Teahouse and the renowned Starbucks for drinking tea or coffee for enjoying a hearty meal after a tiresome walk.
From No.6 Park walk northwards along the lake shore and, a while later, you will see a big pavilion which is the ticket office of the West Lake pleasure boats where you can buy tickets for a night tour of the West Lake. You can also rent rowing boats (close to the Children’s Palace) if you want to try your own hands at rowing on the famous West Lake.
What should be mentioned is the West Lake Music Harbor, a music cafe, near the intersection of Shengtang Road where you can doze to the sounds of characteristic music. There is also a cafe called Zhangming Music Museum that provides a one-stop service like reading, coffee and music.




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