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Weekend Fun Near Ningbo-Lakeside Park Part 3
Updated:2017-04-14 14:49:15

Lakeside No.1 Park is very popular, as besides tourists, it is also the place where the elderly and middle-aged citizens show off their talents. You can watch shows including square dance, social dance, Peking Opera, Yueju Opera, Huangmei Opera and all kinds of bel canto, in accordance with their own musical instruments. It’s crowded and bustling and you can also dine nearby in famous local restaurants like Grandma’s Kitchen and Green Tea Restaurant.
In the park and facing the lake, there is a pavilion called Jiaxing where stands a tablet that bears an inscription of Emperor Qianlong. With a long history, and having once collapsed and been reconstructed, this pavilion has witnessed many historical vicissitudes of the West Lake.
Summer is the season for appreciating lotus flowers and the lake area near the pavilion will be covered by lotus flowers by June which provides tourists with a great view of both the flowers and the city’s glowing sunset.





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